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a line in the sand

wtf? (why the face ;))

This is all about order, the means to move forward knowing that what has been done, is done.

Please, let me be clear, this has nothing to do with Cosmic Ordering or Noel Edmonds, for that matter.

please sir, can we have some more?

chart showing ratio of cuts to debt£6.2 billion of public service cuts have been announced in the last few days, as a means to reduce the budget deficit (which currently stands at £157bn) against a total national debt of £890bn. This debt is equivalent to 62% of our GDP(*).

That, to be frank is a frightening amount of money. It is obscene that we, as a nation, now face massive and continuing cuts in public services in order to prop up a capitalist economy that no longer functions. Bankers have recently claimed they create jobs and wealth, that without government support of the bank’s, the whole global economy would have collapsed. Research into the benefit of bankers, differs.

That may be true, but what we would have lost is an economy that is corrupt beyond measure, that works only on selfish accumulation of wealth rather than shared benefit and growth. Would it have been so bad to throw that out and start again?

If most of the money lost during the recent financial crisis was “made-up” or projected based on potential, then what would have been wrong setting things back to zero and starting again?

We now face a time where £850bn (*) and counting, has been found by our Government to prop up the banks. In return, the first £6bn has been cut from Public Services spending.

This is just the start.

This is just from central government.

Local government will feel and face cuts too, and for years to come.

tightening belts

That is the back-drop to the need for order. I’m not talking revolution or a New World Order, I’m talking the need to put aside what has happened, and do what’s right to move forward.

Like it or not, we can’t undo what our MP’s have done to keep their banking mates happy and ensure their non-executive directorships upon leaving office. We can’t undo the years of treating property as a cash-cow that reached a hysteria and collective greed we should all feel rightly ashamed of.

We can’t find out where the money really went (if it ever existed).

What we can do, within our homes, within our jobs (especially those of us who work in the Public Sector) is prove, and demonstrate our own value.

We work hard, we genuinely believe in public sector work as a force for good.

  • The vast majority of us hate waste.
  • Reckless spending upsets us.
  • Delivering quality services pleases us.
  • Being proud of what we do fulfils us.

These are truths, these are values that we all share.

How can I prove this? Not in word, but in deed. And we all can. The Public Sector is going to be vilified and subjected to greater scrutiny than even recent years have demonstrated.

For society to function, for community to exist, the Public Sector must also continue to exist. David Cameron would have us believe that the voluntary sector will step in to fill the gaps created by cutting public services. Truth is, the voluntary sector can only exist by having as many people as possible in work, and being useful. If people are in work, they have money to donate monthly. They have job security, which affords them the ability to donate time for voluntary work.

The Public Sector needs to be leaner, needs to focus on it’s absolute priorities of health, welfare and protection of the most vulnerable. This is not up for debate.

I am scared of the challenges to my job, to my future career – I can be honest about that.

But I am excited about the changes it will force, especially if they align to my beliefs and values for the role of the Public Sector as vital, effective and efficient.

drawing the line

My job is changing radically. The industry I work in is, it would appear, going to change beyond recognition.

I have two choices:

  • Go with it, forge a path and prove myself to be a valuable asset.
  • Complain, moan, feel terror at the change that is gonna come.

It’s a no-brainer really. My career hasn’t yet gone where I want it to. Our country isn’t where I want it to be. But I can draw a line under what has happened, and do my damnedest to contribute in whatever small way I can to make things how I believe they should be.

In these respects, I am drawing a line under the mistakes of the past – both my own and those outside of my control. It’s a CBT technique, but also sound common-sense advice.

What I am going to do is focus on tomorrow, and what I can do to make a brighter day.