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Kitty Fantástico!

Okay, okay, as has been pointed out (a lot!) I’m a miserable bastard and a real energy sapper.

So, to restore balance to the universe, here’s a lovely model I’m rather pleased with. I painted it for one of my best friends, a Buffy fan who not only finds Willow really adorable, but kind-of names herself after Willow and Tara’s cat!


The miniature is ‘Witch Hazel‘ from Hasslefree, and is, as always with Hasslefree, a wonderful sculpt. Colours and costume are painted as faithfully as possible to Willow in the later series of Buffy.

All I have to do is give it back to her (it’s been on my desk for months!).

Mystic Panda

Mystic Panda
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