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McTerminator Marine

For my Scottish friend Colin for Christmas. The facial resemblance and hair are quite him, and the tartan is based on the tartan from his family.


Eldar Wraithlord

Another oldie from the depths, but still very pleased with. If it’s not clear from the photographs, I’veĀ modeledĀ it to look like a Centaur rearing up on it’s hind-legs, as if to initiate a charge

I’ve got a second iteration in my WiP box at the moment…

I combined parts from 1 Wraithlord and 2 War Walkers to make this Wraithlord Centaur.

My inspiration came from the old Eldar Kinghts in the first version of Epic 40,000, and I think it has worked really well.

The hardest part was carving the walker legs out so that they would bend forward at the knee in order to make the front legs, otherwise it was a very simple build.

I painted it in the colours of Iyanden Craftworld as they use more constructs than any other Eldar tribe so it makes sense that they might be more experimental with designs.


Imperial Sentinel


I modeled this to look like the walker is steadying itself in a sniping position.

The colours are standard desert camouflage.

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