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Ork Deff Dread

Deff Dreads epitomise three main ideals of Ork warfare: big, shooty and stompy. They thunder and clank towards the foe, limbs waving as heavy weapons spit death into the enemy ranks and powered shears snip excitedly in anticipation of the bloodletting to come.

~ From the GW Website

Gosh! Scary aren’t they?

This model has been really fun to paint. There’s so many little details on the model and different textures and materials for trying out various paint effects. I’ve had a go at (with varying degrees of success):

  • Weathering powders to make rust, dust and soot;
  • Oil spillages;
  • Glowing ‘plasma’ weapons;
  • Verdigris;
  • Chipped paint/battle damage.

Still got a lot to learn in terms of refining those techniques, but overall I’m very pleased.

Oh yes, pictures. Please excuse the carpet backgrounds, I couldn’t be bothered to crop them onto my normal background:

Plugging away

Making a dent in my stash of models…

It’s an Ork Deff Dread (grrr!). This one’s been kitted out and modified for a Big Mek (they’re really clever when it comes to all things mekanikal, with wurky bitz).

I’ve been having a lot of fun painting up this bad boy. Having a go at some new techniques like verdigris, glow effects and using weathering powders (dust, rust and soot) has been really cool.

He’s about 90% complete and I’m looking forward to posting more pictures when he’s properly finished.

Lelith Hesperax



This beastie is a really big bugger. Huge, in fact. Took a while to paint but am very pleased with the end result.

I’ve got lots more pictures, right this way…

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Touren Heavy

A conversion using a spare Minotaur from making my Razorgor, and some leftover Tau bits’n’bobs.

Very pleased with the over all look, and the paintjob.

Sergeant Stepney

Painted for my friend Joe as part of his Christmas present. ┬áHe’s Red/Green colour blind, so I believe this should at least look yellow!

Sergeant Stepney