Heroquest: re-working a classic boardgame

GargoyleWell, looking at my stats panel, this post from my old site is still the source of a fair bit of incoming traffic, so here it is re-posted and refreshed.

I painted this up on and off over a few months as a birthday present for my nephew. He’s really into all things lord of the Rings-y at the moment, and I remember this game fondly from my own childhood.

All models were undercoated black prior to painting.

The Heroes


BarbarianThis one was very simple to paint – just working up from a dark brown basecoat, gradually adding more flesh tones. A few glazes of flesh wash helped to unify the blending and add a richness to the tones. His boots and loincloth were done in a similar way, but blending from brown up to a golden yellow.

Gems have been picked out in green to tie him visually to the other heroes.


The Dwarf’s armour is deep reddish-brown, painted by working up from a brown basecoat and adding red gore as the highlights, the working in some golden yellow. A glaze of flesh wash gives it a real richness. His bag was painted green as contrast and to tie him into the group. The beard was given a coat of codex grey and then gradually drybrushed up to pure white.



The Wizard looks complicated but was actually fairly straightforward to complete. The inner of his cloak was painted Regal Blue and highlighted. I then carefully dotted stars and moons in pure white.

The stars and moons on his tunic were painted in solidly in blue to start with, and then filled in with white, leaving a thin keyline around the edge.

The flames were blocked in using red gore and then highlighted up to the bottom using yellow and a touch of white. It’s useful to remember that a flame is yellow at the centre to red at the edges rather than the other way around (although magic fire could be any colour I guess!).

Gems were picked out in green, as before.



He’s my personal favourite.









Chaos Warrior

Chaos Warrior


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