Out of the forest…

…and onto the web…


Like many others, I wasn”t quite so fussed with the new Razorgor model. Unlike many others, I love the new Minotaurs.

This got me thinking, if we have Minotaurs, Ungors, Gors and Bestigors as being generally bipedal, could we have a biped Razorgor too?

I knew I wanted to use a Minotaur body, for size. So I thought how about making a Razorgor that is quite literally a spiked and bladed terror, quite literally covered in Razors?

Parts used:

  1. 1 Minotaur body
  2. 2 Minotaur arms
  3. 1 Chaos Spawn ‘tentacle’
  4. 2 Chaos Spawn small lidded eyes
  5. 4 Kroot hairpieces
  6. 1 Orc Warboss Boar (head only)
  7. 1 Orc Warboss faceplate
  8. Spare Trygon spikes
  9. Misc. spare blades

Am very pleased with the end result. It fits the theme of Beasts of Chaos, and has razors and gore!

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